October Newsletter 2012

I am the Queen of Everything, even in my dreams. - Cleo

|   You boys wanna piece of me? - Cleo

66 Days to the End of the Mayan Calendar and then our iPads turn into rock tablets and we're scratching our armpits (aka Dec. 21st,  2012)
But first we have to survive Halloween, the day the zombies burst out of the ground and terrify the crap out of us, not to mention eat our candy and eat our brains.

Hi, Happy October:

Update on BOMBSHELL, the 17th FBI Thriller: I'm nearly finished with the editing process. Remember Griffin Hammersmith in BACKFIRE in the San Francisco Field Office? He's b-aaaa-ck. The cover is very cool, explodes with eye-popping color. It's partially set in Maestro, Virginia, home of Stanislaus Music School and setting of the 10th FBI thriller, POINT BLANK.
JEWEL OF THE LION (first thriller in A Brit in the FBI series partnered with J.T. Ellison) is an incredible project. JEWEL moves fast and you don't know what's going to happen on the next page, and a zombie is right there reading with you and you're biting your toenails or the zombie's toenails, and you're really going to like it (the book, not the zombie's toenails).  J.T. is an excellent plotter and that means when we brainstorm no plot gets left behind.

FOOTBALL: I'm completely and utterly disappointed in the 49ers. I was coming to believe the ESPN talking-head hype -- best D in the NFL, Superbowl bound, walk on water, no DUI's, but unfortunately for the 49ers, a really good team comes to town, namely, THE GIANTS, and the 49ers become the 00ers, bound for the Loser Bowl. On Halloween the 49ers will have nothing better to do than bury themselves with the zombies. I'll tell you though, I really  don't know if I want them to crawl back out of their graves on Halloween, I just might eat their brains.

Everyone have a great Halloween -- check out my house Halloween photos right here (and on my web site and Facebook page). You'll see Gomez and Ranger, the two kitchen Halloween Guardians, and Oliver and Pam, sitting on the sofa looking terrified.  Alas, no kids want candy enough to crawl up our oxygen-deprived steep driveway, and the sad thing is, I still have a big bowl of candy, every year, but no one comes, not even the zombies with brain bags.

Oliver and Pam
Gomez and Ranger
Oliver and Pam
Gomez and Ranger

Happy Halloween -- Catherine