November Newsletter 2012

Happy Thanksgiving:  Guess what -- It's now 36 days until the End of the Mayan Calendar when we revert to Neolithic texting, which means tiny chiseling and nail-biting accurate stone throwing. (Don't forget to use the Forever dinosaur stamps.)

But first we have to survive Turkey Day, the day spent with a dozen well-meaning relatives, or not so well-meaning, the diminishing carcass of a 25 pounder, and sprawled in front of the tube watching a succession  of football games in a numb-brained stupor.

I emailed Bombshell (17th FBI) to my editor the day before Sandy (No, better name is Big Bastard) hit, and guess what? No power. I've discovered that timing is everything in life.
JEWEL OF THE LION (first thriller in A Brit in the FBI series) didn't suffer from Big Bastard. In fact, it isn't suffering much at all, what with all the high quality brain matter nurturing it. All is good on that front.

Harry Potter World: I was transported to Orlando last week and let me say this about that: the Hogwarts broom ride is the best fun ever, even beats cow tipping.  Relativos in Ft. Myers Beach are all well and happy, I mean who wouldn't be with the warm-as-bathwater-gulf five minutes away, the sun kissing your face, a gym right next door and no carbs.  (Sorry, just kidding -- about the carbs.)

Everyone have a great Thanksgiving and don't forget, no calories for this blessed 24-hour stretch. Just think of that pumpkin pie, cold, for breakfast, with a squirt of no-fat Cool Whip on top. Below are two photos of my Thanksgiving kitchen and my Thanksgiving living room.


Thanksgiving kitchen Thanksgiving living room