January 2013 Newsletter

Artist's Model. -- Cleo

Ain't nobody gonna take my banana. -- Cleo

January 2013
vol. 3 number 17
Happy Post Mayan Apocalypse:

We're still cursing when the alarm clock jerks us right out of a really cool dream, we're still chowing down our Cheerios, still out there earning enough moolah to feed the cats. THIS IS ALL A GOOD THING. So far so good --

GREAT NEWS: The 49ers vs. Falcons and the Patriots vs.  Ravens this weekend.  In other words, we have my two favorite teams duking it out with the birds.  May we see the feathers fly.

Who saw QB Colin Kaepernick literally run over the Packers? He ran 183 yards, the most rushing yards of any quarterback in NFL playoff history -- is that amazing or what? Do you know he was also recruited by the Cubs?  Plus he just turned 25, fresh off his training wheels. Can you imagine what he'll do in two years, in five? Watch your backs, Luck, RG3 and Wilson, there's a new kid in town.

BOMBSHELL: Now, to the 17th FBI thriller out this summer: Not only am I putting in all the finishing touches on this wild and wonderful thriller, I'm also priming your respective pumps for the first thriller -- THE FINAL CUT -- in the new series, A Brit in the FBI, starring DCI Nicholas Drummond of Scotland Yard.  THE FINAL CUT -- now what does that mean, you ask? Think big and sparkly and extraordinarily famous.  So I'm still monkeying around a bit with BOMBSHELL to get you eager for THE FINAL CUT, but it's nearly ready for lift-off.

My brain hurts. I need a new motherboard or just maybe some additional RAM to inject between my ears. Thank goodness for J.T. Ellison, who has massive amounts of RAM and a renowned motherboard.

THE FINAL CUT: I can't give you an exact publication date yet, probably in September. Of course Savich and Sherlock are in THE FINAL CUT and they are working with Nicholas.

Guess what? I'm heading to the Pro Bowl in Honolulu, something I've always wanted to do.

Everyone have a great play off weekend!