Catherine Coulter September 2017 Newsletter

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Mom says I'm perfect. Do you agree? - Peyton

Vol. 000 No. OOO (this is 2017 zero hour, folks)
Happy September:

Parents, grandparents, finally you’ve got the kiddos back to school. The house is suddenly empty. And clean. Football season (pro and college) is about to start, so that’s a big positive, but really, not enough. So after you exercise your brains out, what will you do with yourself? I have a rather fabulous suggestion: snuggle into an easy chair, put your feet up, gently place a nice glass of something exciting at your elbow and open a good book that just happens to be titled ENIGMA

Catherine Coulter - EnigmaWhat’s in it for me, you ask, other than the exciting drink at my elbow that is home to a lovely green olive? Here it is, my promise to you: You open ENIGMA, soon you’ll be breathing hard and fast, you’ll have tingly toes, you’ll be both laughing and scared down to the tingles, and wondering what’s going to happen next. Bottom line, you’ll be chewing off the fingernails you’re now trying to grow back after a thrilling summer with kid/grandkids.

If you haven’t already pre-ordered ENIGMA, (shame on you), mark your calendar, have someone call you and finally, to cover all bases, have your cell phone announce first thing the morning of September 12th – Big Glorious Tuesday next: Step 1 Get ENIGMA, 2) hug this gorgeous hardcover or e-reader to your chest and, 3) head for your easy chair and don’t forget the olive. If you drive and wish to avoid death by texting or road rage, then listen to the audio ENIGMA, it’s excellent. But be prepared: you may not want to leave your car.

I hope all of you enjoy ENIGMA. Please email me at or come to

Those of you facing Irma or recovering in the Houston area or fleeing from wild fires all over the west, know that the whole country is praying for you.