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Vol. 770 No. 325

If you’re melting in the August heat and it isn’t a pretty sight, I’ve got a plan for you, actually I’ve got three plans for you, maybe three and a half, but you can’t pick and choose – you gotta embrace all three (and a half) plans. You want to know the best thing about these incredibly special, non-heating activities? You will not sweat because you can be hunkered down by the a/c as you begin to follow my exact instructions for all three (and a half) plans. Okay, here we go:

l) The first two thrillers in my FBI series – The Cove and The Maze – are packaged together in a book called, appropriately, THE BEGINNING. Is your heart ready for this? Drum roll: $1.99. Yep, that’s the full monty for hours of fun in the shade. Alert: this promo is only for ebooks and it ends August 27th. If you want the big trade paperback instead, sorry, but you’ll have to pay full freight.

2) Next, with time out only to chow down tacos and slurp cold gazpacho,click on this link: and enter THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE paperback sweepstakes. You say, ‘but I never win anything’ – actually, I don’t usually either – but I’d enter if they’d let me, which they have forbidden (forbode) on threat of dungeon. Come on, guys, you just never know, you could win books and spy goodies -- but alas, not me. And it will take only two minutes, the sweepstakes minions have checked this out. Stay tuned for the winners.

3)Okay, you’ve dived (or diven) into The Beginning, you’ve enthusiastically entered the sweepstakes for THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE and have a little tingle going at the thought of winning, and now the frosting on the ENIGMA cake (this is the 21st FBI thriller, coming out in hardcover and in all formats, including the most awesome audio ever, on September 12th ):  Do not hesitate, click on this link and read an excerpt from ENIGMA. Sorry, but you’ll be sweating, your heart galloping – but guess what? YOU’LL BE BURNING CALORIES, so then, to thank me for giving you these three heat-beating plans, you will go to Barnes & Noble and order up a copy signed by yours truly, as in moi. Click on this link:

(Yes, this is Number 3 and 1/2.)

You’re done, you’re excited, you’re thinner, and cooler, so go outside and play and kick up your heels at this great summer –

Catherine Coulter