Catherine Coulter June 2017 Newsletter

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It might be a drone - Peyton

If you're edible, come to papa, Mr. Drone - Peyton

Vol. 765 Number 567

It’s the middle of June and all through the house, I’m wrapping presents because it’s time for the yearly family reunion at the Outer Banks.  Those who have resisted in the past are now coming out with it -- I’m nuts.  And you’re saying, well, agreed, it’s not Christmas, the time of your yearly insanity, which can be rationalized. But this? Have you lost it completely? Sigh – yes.  But everyone in the family deserves at least one present plus flip flops for everyone and hats and beach bags and tops and shirts, not to mention all the kids’ goodies, I mean, I don’t want to be a present slacker.

Catherine Coulter EnigmaThere’ll be 40+ this year, like last year, plus thirteen birthdays, and yes, of course, you can’t just give ONE present.  Pirate’s Night is Thursday so we’ll have everything from eye patches to pirate hats, one I know with sewn-on dreadlocks.  Then everybody puts on a little show which may necessitate taking off the peg leg.  Think Sonny and Cher, “I’ve Got You, Babe,” long curly black hair, bell-bottoms and a fringed vest. (Bell-bottoms are coming back in, only now they’re called FLARES.)  Yes, I’m walking around the house singing Cher at the top of my lungs.

Because all of you are so special, here’s the cover of ENIGMA in all its glory. I was told when it was first revealed to the Simon & Schuster sales force, there were audible gasps. I’ve done a test. Yes, you’ll see it from 50 feet away, and then you’ll run all out into the bookstore and pounce on it.  ENIGMA deserves to be displayed on your coffee table, not unseen on your e-reader.  Trust me on this, all your friends, enemies, neighbors, family and pets will ooh and ahh and repeatedly tell you what great taste you have. Oh yes, by the way, it’s also a really good thriller.  You can pre-order a copy signed by me from Barnes & Noble or unsigned anywhere your heart desires. I’ve also got to recommend the ENIGMA audio. The readers are so incredible you’ll be spending lots of time on the road.  ENIGMA will be out September 12th.

Off to the OBX – and presents!