Catherine Coulter May 2017 Newsletter

Catherine Coulter May 2017 Newsletter cats

I'm nearly a perfect snowball - Cleo

A Zen moment - Cleo

Vol. 330 No. 444

Yes, I know the May newsletter is late, but I was walking in the rain for a week (Yes, England), visiting Aunt Harrods (shoes) and the British Library (research for the 5th BRIT in the FBI series), the cutest baby in the universe (parents good breeders), and trying to avoid stepping into water traps on the sidewalks of London at night.

Before hopping the midnight express to London, I spent the week in New York City with my publisher and agent and partying and playing dress up and meeting all the people at Simon & Schuster who help get my books to you. A fine time was had, maybe the high point was this very upscale restaurant where the waiter gave me a black napkin (taking the white one) so as not to get white germs on my black skirt. Now, let me tell you about Aladdin, the Broadway show in New York City. Gorgeous costumes – you were bling-dazzled -- creative stage sets, and when Aladdin and Jasmine are sitting close together, getting to know each other, a voice comes down from on-high saying “We are experiencing technical difficulties” and Aladdin and Jasmine froze for about two minutes until whatever it was that was technically challenged got itself mended. Fun show, but the technical difficulties made it memorable.

No ducks allowedTHE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE is doing very well, so thank me and J.T. for giving you such amazing and exciting pleasure. Okay, I’ll thank you too for plunking out your hard-earned moolah to have an incredible adventure with Nicholas and Mike.

BOMBSHELL, an FBI thriller, is at a special offer of $1.99, ebook, everywhere. Now, bottom-line, this is really a skosh shy of two dollars, but historically, I understand the psychology is to make you believe it’s a lot less than two dollars, go figure. If you haven’t read Bombshell, what a deal, but only until the 28th.

Here is a sign on St. Martin’s in Bowness, England. Go to to see more of my Brit photos.

Go Warriors!