Catherine Coulter April 2017 Newsletter

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Are you an angel? - Eli

It doesn't get any better than this. - Eli

Vol. 660 No. 229

Goodness gracious, it’s TAX time. Are all of you chomping at the bit? Can’t wait to pay the Feds mo’ money, mo’ money? What to do? Bite the bullet, muchachos, keep that chin up and walk head high through that long dark tunnel. If you see a white light, you’re not dead, it means you’re almost through, safely intact, or nearly, for another year. And it’s best not to look back. Go get a margarita right now.

Let me extend my profound gratitude and a big smooch to all of you who put THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE on the bestseller lists for three weeks. This is very cool and Nicholas and Mike continue to sell well. My new mantra is keep it up, keep it up. If you wish to join me, you may, no questions asked, but you must commit. I’ve asked many of you what your favorite scene from TDT is. Your responses are all over the board, but a couple of you did pick my primo favorite scene as well, which means we’re on the same wave length. Does that scare you?

Enigma - Catherine CoulterEVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: All of you aspiring mystery writers or published mystery writers, I’ll expect to see you on Saturday the 22nd in Rancho Cordova (outside of Sacramento) for a day-long workshop hosted by Capitol Crimes, Sacramento chapter of Sisters in Crime. I’m giving a writing workshop in the morning, the keynote at lunch and signing books. You can either reserve for the day or you can show up Saturday morning, the 22nd, stay for some or all of the day (hey, they provide lunch). What a deal. Here’s the link for more info:

Yes, I am invoking the 150 mile rule. You live within that radius and you’re mine Saturday the 22nd.

HUGE TREAT: Are you ready to feast your eyes on the most stunning, jaw-dropping, totally awesome book cover, perhaps the most outstanding in the universe? You yell at the top of your lungs, Show me! Here it is, the cover for ENIGMA, my 21st FBI thriller with Savich and Sherlock. I bet you’re wondering what’s inside this incredible cover? Hmm, prepare to be teased. Slow, slow.

ENIGMA will be out in September and I’ll let you know when pre-orders are up and running. Don’t forget the teasing.

You want to know something? This never gets old.

Happy Easter,