Catherine Coulter February 2017 Newsletter

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I will raise my paw and wave at the Fox - Cleo

What will I dream about in my cat nap? - Cleo

Vol. 77 No. 11

Welcome to February – the ever-striving month that didn’t quite make it to the big leagues. Always short two days forever (except for that idiot 4th year rule). Where do the 29th and 30th go? Are the 29th and 30th too exhausted and need a month off? It’s just not right but I don’t know who to complain to….

holding my own hot-off-the-press copy of THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLEGreat fab news: Here’s a photo of me proudly holding my own hot-off-the-press copy of THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE. TDT, as I call it, is the 4th thriller in A BRIT in the FBI series. Remember Kitsune from The Final Cut? She calls Nicholas from Venice and tells him to turn on the TV, Beijing’s being swallowed in a ginormous sand storm and… it isn’t natural. Oh my, be still my heart.

InsidiousGo close up to the photo and inhale the better- than-chocolate, eye-popping, if-only-it-were-edible, cover. And it’s sort of scary too, you just know that something bad is about to happen. I think the cover is so outstanding I wanted to sleep with it on my pillow, but then a hint was dropped into my ear that some might consider that arrangement on the odd side, and not okay. Here’s is your calorie-free treat for the day: Go to and read a nice long excerpt from TDT. And then have a drink, put your feet up, and let your heart slow down. THE DEVIL’S TRIANGLE is on the shelf March 14th. If you want a signed copy, I’m told there are still a few at Barnes & Noble so you need to pre-order soon.

Now, an additional bit of fab news: INSIDIOUS, the 20th FBI thriller, is coming out February 21st in paperback. If you were waiting for the price to dip down, now’s the time to stick in your toe. Let me warn you: I’ll get you on both mysteries, you don’t have a prayer.

Kevin, a senior vice president of the Valentine’s Day Minion Red-Heart Society, told me he was relieved to report that most males of the species came through with roses and chocolates. And that now they (the males, not the minions) believe they should be amply rewarded. Any ideas?


Catherine Coulter