Thanksgiving November 2016 Newsletter

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Oh, shut up! - Cleo

Vol. 555 Number 220

If you heard about a thriller titled ENIGMA, what would you think the plot would be? If you were designing cover art, what would you picture as the perfect image or concept for a thriller titled ENIGMA? Note: this plot has nothing to do with cryptology or WW 11. There’s so much creativity out there – I am now formally tapping into it. Email me at with your best ideas. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is here and the holiday craziness has already begun? Ain’t it wonderful?! So what are you doing for Thanksgiving? Are you part of a huge family get-together or part of a huge group of friends, or just a small family gathering? Are you making a pumpkin pie? Will it have the little pastry leaves and stuff on the top placed carefully in an artful pattern? Are you ready to eat your Thanksgiving guacamole in front of the TV while watching football (like me and my company)? Do you go around the table before you carve the turkey, everyone saying what he/she is particularly thankful for this year? Do you eat enough that your stomach now touches the table? Or maybe shoves against the table?

All in all, no matter what your setting, have a great day. Food, people you love, Football – what more could you ask?

Novella Announcement: THE RESIDENT EVIL AT BLACKTHORN MANOR, the second Grayson Sherbrooke Otherworldly Adventure, is out in early December, and up for pre-order now at --

Don’t forget now, Resident Evil is only in Ebook – why? Because it’s a novella, not a full-length novel. When we have three or four novellas, then they can be combined into paperback or tree bark or parchment, whatever your reading delivery system. The day before THE RESIDENT EVIL AT BLACKTHORN MANOR is published, I’ll send you a lovely painless spam (don’t you love that word?) to remind you.

Speaking of spam, just imagine that pumpkin pie.

Happy Thanksgiving. Remember to review your Black Friday shopping techniques and strategies. It’s all about fun.

Catherine Coulter