Happy August Newsletter 2016

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I don't care what you want

I want a little nap - Eli

Happy August Newsletter 2016

If you haven’t yet read INSIDIOUS, the publishing minions will be beating the bushes for any slaggards. Do not be a slaggard. Some of the minions really like the purple Venus Fly Trap cover – and if you don’t, they’ll think you have crappy taste and deserve punishment, e.g., you will not compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. You will be forced to stay at home and watch the in-the-future Olympic games with the rest of the slaggards, who will be drowning their sorrow in nothing-but-water.

      So do not make me yell, “Slaggard alert!”

After you’ve framed the INSIDIOUS cover and hung it next to your favorite art, it’s time to turn off the Olympics and the pre-season football where you see players you’ve never heard of before make brilliant catches or fumble all over the field. It’s time for you to accomplish your more important assignment of every summer of every family since the Ark.

      You Go Camping


The End GameHave a blast burning marshmallows over the campfire, scalding your mouth on bitter dregs, trying not to curse in front of the kids/grandkids when the signal goes in and out on your cell phone and you miss who won the Gold and who scored the touchdown.

Do not forget the WD-40 (or whatever numbers/letters bug spray has).

Quick Announcement: The paperback THE END GAME, the 3rd thriller in my BRIT in the FBI series, is out September 6th in all its glory. If you missed THE END GAME reading orgy last year, I want you to think of both one-eyed ad two-eyed publishing minions and behave accordingly.

Have a happy August and an even happier reading experience, on me.