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Happy Mid-Summer:

Do you know there are more than 7,000 miles of coastline in Maine? (If you do, shut up). And every single town has its own inlet/harbor. The beauty is staggering, but I've got to admit, not so much when it's overcast, chilly and rain sticks your really cute summer shorts to your butt. This sucketh big. Another thing about Maine is its LOBSTER. Natives and tourists, even witches up from Salem, eat lobster 24/7.  You'd think that Vinnie the Lobster would have sent out a Red Alert to all his crustacean buddies, warning them to Avoid Maine Like The Plague, or else they might find themselves in hot water.  But has Vinnie done this? If he has, no lobsters have listened, but okay, do lobsters have ears?  If you want a belly laugh, watch the stand-up comedian Jim Gaffigan -- Obsessed is the show he does in Boston (or go to YouTube). He talks about lobster. Trust me, this one is not to be missed. He's hysterical, you'll love it.

Good News: Paperback NEMESIS (19th FBI thriller) came in at #8 on the New York Times Bestseller list, somewhat higher on other bestseller lists and so, naturally, I prefer the other lists, like a sweet #6, or a bridesmaid #2, and bring these up in conversations until I'm threatened with an axe.

BIG FAVOR: I need you to pre-order  INSIDIOUS, the 20th FBI thriller, on sale Aug. 9th, and this is why: all Insidious pre-orders will get added to  first week sales, which, if high enough, could shoot Insidious to #1 and wouldn't that be something. I haven't had a book at #1 for a good long time, so please, as Jean Luc would say, Make It So. I predict the Christmas Minions will reward you chocolates and caramel cheesecake, with no consequences.

Come to my web site, CatherineCoulter.com, or to Facebook.com/catherinecoulterbooks -- there'll be a ginormous sweepstakes with very cool prizes beginning very soon, so keep checking in.

Mid-July and you know what that means: It means you and your family are GOING to vacation somewhere neat. Alert: I've been told by several adults that taking little kids to Disneyland results in premature grey hair, palsy, and the urge to smack yourself repeatedly in the head, so take heed. Wherever you go, be safe and really get into the experience, be a kid again. Attitude is everything.

Have fun --  Catherine