Catherine Coulter June Newsletter 2016

June 2016 Catherine Coulter newsletter cats

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And now I've got to garner my strength - Cleo

Vol. 667 No. 002

Happy Summer Vacation Launch Month:

All of you with kids, take a deep breath, get out the backyard blow-up swimming pool, pull the Frisbee out of the closet, clean the basketball net on the garage door and get lots of sugar-free Kool Aid. After a week of enthusiasm and loads of fun, then you may justifiably begin to count off the day to camp or, if no camp, to pre-season football, a great three-hour distraction (for you, not the kids).

We're leaving Saturday (at four-frigging a.m) for the Outer Banks, the barrier islands off the coast of North Carolina,  where the Wright brothers flew their first wonderful excuse for an airplane at Kitty Hawk. How do you like these town names -- Nags Head, Duck, Kill Devil Hills, Cape Hatteras, Roanoke -- just a few of the inventive names on the long skinny island, the north end being a horse sanctuary now. When you are driving past Duck, the two-land road is so skinny you can see Albemarle Bay on one side and the Atlantic on the other. The last whooper hurricane that devastated the Outer Banks was in 1962. Amazingly, since then the occasional hurricane will wash over the island, but no major damage. The OBX is the largest home rental area in the U.S. -- houses of every size and every price range. It's such a beautiful place to visit in the summer. (The rental rates are really low in January.)

We're expecting 40-45 family (I stopped counting) at the OBX (the sexy, cool way of saying Outer Banks). We rented a record 4 houses and after food-shopping (we're talking maybe 30 plastic bags here), we'll be feeding everyone on the arrival day, Sunday --  BBQ ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, duded up bought potato salad, Judy's Incredible Caesar salad, Catherine's extraordinary baked beans, (oh mama, are they yummy) and more goodies than your thighs can stand.

I finished The Resident Evil at Blackthorn Manor, the second novella in the Grayson Sherbrooke Otherworldly Mystery series set in England/Scotland in 1841. The first novella, which I do hope you've read and thoroughly enjoyed, is titled The Strange Visitation at Wolffe Hall .  Remember, since the novellas are only about 20,000 words, they can't be in paper format until I have say three of them done, then I'll see what my publisher can do. So, both novellas are only in ebook format, for now. I'll give you fair warning before Resident Evil is published, probably sometime this fall. Why so long you might wonder? Because I have, count them, THREE books coming out between now and mid-September: paperback Nemesis, July 5th, the 20th FBI hardcover, Insidious, August 9, and the paperback The End Game (The BRIT in the FBI series)  September 6th.

I'll have some fun stuff coming up soon on my Facebook page including a sweepstakes giveaway for Insidious, so stay tuned. If it isn't written on your forearm,  write it now: For right now, go watch my videos of Sedona, Snoopy, my new office, and my garden.

Imagine it's 10,000 BC, you're sitting around a newly discovered fire, maybe humming because the mammoth steaks were tasty, and you're wondering why it's still day light, and you scratch your hairy chin (no lice) and ponder this odd concept called Time.

So, Happy Summer Solstice. Enjoy your meat loaf (enough like mammoth?) on this longest day of the year.