May Newsletter, 2016

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I stole Cleo's Bed - Eli

Do you think I care? - Cleo

Vol. 227 Num. 774

Blooming gorgeous incredible May:

All of you who live in climates like mine, I encourage you to sing the Hallelujah Chorus along with your hydrangeas and roses, the scent will grow sweeter, the leaves will shine greener and the birds will picnic nearby. And then, just maybe, you'll see a white rabbit in a tall hat running by as he consults his big pocket watch. Folk, it's magical May.

Speaking of new age magic, I'm off for a weekend adventure in amazing Sedona, Arizona, to see the beautiful red rocks and feel the power of the harmonically converging vortices resonating up through my feet and making me feel as if I'd smoked pot (naturally, I never inhaled). If you've been to Sedona and have recommendations, email me at As it is, I'm hoping to get my harmonics around the spiritual energy of a Mexican beef taco.

Book Announcement: If you would like a signed copy of my 20th FBI thriller, INSIDIOUS, click on one of these two links to order one.



Also,  click on this link, and you'll be transported to my web site vortex which will align you with a really easy  convergence path to read an excerpt from INSIDIOUS:

Read that sentence twice. Did you understand it? Any-who, the excerpt just might scare your socks off -- do let me know if you like it.

I'm halfway through writing the second Grayson Sherbrooke novella (the first one is The Strange Visitation at Wolffe Hall), and here's what's going on: Grayson encounters a demon who is scary bad, and just yesterday, Ms. Scary Bad nightmared him to London. Only it wasn't the London Grayson knows. The grass in Hyde Park is six feet tall and waves like arms when there's no breeze, the golden dome of St. Paul's Cathedral looks like a pyramid, and a crooked Buckingham Palace has little gray-bearded gnomes marching back and forth in front of it. (No, he hadn't inhaled, maybe the demon did).

You've paid your taxes, you've feted your moms on Mother's Day, you're going to parade in your ancient Chevy truck on Memorial Day, and the very best: Schools are out very soon now, and you know what that means -- You get to play with your kids ALL summer long.

Catherine Coulter