Catherine Coulter April Newsletter 2016

Catherine Coulter April Newsletter 2016 Cats

How do I open that can?

I've got to think - Peyton

Vol. 310 No. 999
Happy IRS Survivors:

My fingers are nearly dancing on the computer keys. I hope lots of you saw the Warriors win their 73rd basketball game Wednesday night. They ended up 73-9 and are now the winningest NBA team in HISTORY. What to say about Steph Curry -- Take Scottie Pippin of the 1995-96 Bulls, now in second place -- he tweeted his congratulations to the Warriors and he didn't even identify Steph Curry -- no, he referred to him as the MVP and in another tweet Pippin wrote Curry's basketball IQ was off the charts.  And now, of course, the Warriors have to win the championship. Can you tell I'm pumped? Steph Curry is to basketball as Tiger Woods was to golf.  You know what else? Curry is a seriously nice guy who works his butt off.

Insidious - Catherine CoulterMoving from the sublime to your own personal reality, buck up, you've finished your taxes because you're not a slacker and you don't want to ever have to hire a tax attorney to try to keep your  precious butt out of the slammer. Congratulations, and now it's time to dust yourself off and proudly march forward to a gorgeous May and that vacation you were thinking about in June. To Maui, wasn't it?  Maybe Bali? The beauty of either place will make you grateful you're still above ground. Or, if you had to pay out a lot of $$ to the IRS, then you could camp out in the back yard with your kids. Benefit: bathroom isn't more than 20 feet away and add another five feet to the TV to watch the Warriors during the playoffs. Hmm, I think I know which I would choose.

Moving from the backyard to center court, the new publication date for my 20th FBI thriller, INSIDIOUS, is now August 9th (moved up from September). Talk about getting Savich and Sherlock moving fast through production. If the  reading spirit moves you, you can pre-order it everywhere.

Bonus:  I'm autographing 1,550  books. I've been told most of the big chain bookstores will have some of these autographed books, and if you pre-order, your chances are good you'll get one. Give your local bookstore a call. And if you want to see the really gorgeous creepy cover of INSIDIOUS, you can go to my Facebook page ( or to my web site and ooh and ahh, plus there's an excerpt from INSIDIOUS for you to read.  (I don't like "teaser", it sounds too much like an advertisement.) OR, what might be easiest -- look at the bottom of this page. (Below the cats.)

Whatever you're doing to celebrate your IRS refund, or, the other side of the coin, to drown your sorrows at the bottom of a Red Bull,  or, the unthinkable, you select option three and refuse to pay your taxes, don't forget you've got lots of friends and family to either celebrate life with you, or visit you in jail.