November Newsletter 2015

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Aww, Chanel...Mais oui, Chanel - Cleo

Touchdown! Right? - Peyton

Vol. 449 No.  118

Hi Guys:

Merry Thanksgiving to all of you. Yes, it's true, I admit it: we've already started decorating since Christmas parties begin the first week in December.  But, listen, I love Thanksgiving, so all the Thanksgiving decorations are up until Black Friday. (Can somebody tell me why it's called Black Friday? I know what BFF means, but BF? I really don't think they're related but I could be wrong.)

My office is nearly all Christmasized. Do come to my Facebook page ( next Monday and thereafter to see a video of the North Pole in my office.  Some have said (usually behind their hands) that I'm on the sick side, others have said I need help, and to that I say yes, I need all the help I can get -- more elves, more elves!

Since we send out HUGE Christmas packages to all our families early December,  most of these beautiful gifts will depart the premises and I'll look less pathological, so be sure to come by my Facebook page and view them in their natural northern habitat.

I'm finishing INSIDIOUS, the 20th FBI thriller, starring Savich and Sherlock, this week! Yes, you heard me right -- now there's a day to celebrate at the High Cholesterol Factory, then it's on to interminable editing (so it seems) and tying up all those insidious loose ends.  This early finish also means I've bought myself time to write the second Grayson Sherbrooke novella -- remember,  the first one, The Strange Visitation at Wolffe Hall? In the second otherworldly adventure, Grayson and Pip go to Scotland to mix it up with Pearlin' Jane,  a sixteenth century ghost. (Remember The Heiress Bride?)

Now, my favorite topic: FOOTBALL: The Patriots and the Panthers are the only undefeated teams left standing. I watched the Texans beat the Bengals on Monday Night Football -- amazing. The Bengals receivers didn't come to the stadium and the Texans' defense wiped up the field with those who did show up.

All of you have a monstrously incredible Thanksgiving and don't  forget, guacamole and chips go great with turkey and stuffing -- while watching football, of course. You might also consider wrapping a few Christmas presents while you're at it.