August Newsletter 2015

August 2015 Newsletter Cats

My thoughts are deeper than yours - Peyton

I don't know how to think-I command - Cleo

Vol. 39 No. 416

Hello Sun-Worshipers:

Thank all of you for plunking down the precious bucks for NEMESIS  (if you also read it, you are indeed a worthy person).

POWER PLAY in paperback required less of a plunk, but, thankfully,  both thrillers stayed on the bestseller lists for a good long time.  I'm deeply grateful.

Moving to A BRIT in the FBI: I know that the first two thrillers in my Nicholas Drummond series (THE FINAL CUT and THE LOST KEY) both came out within two months of Savich and Sherlock's BACKFIRE and POWER PLAY, and the paperbacks followed suit a year later, which required serious wallet-pillaging  to buy both in a very short time. This concerned a number of you. I can almost 100% promise you that in 2016, my two thriller series will be released at last four months apart, hopefully more. This way, no more Plunking X 2 in too short a time.

FOOTBALL: the pre-season has started, Tom Brady's suspension sentence hasn't yet been decided, Tim Tebow didn't do badly given the fact he was quarterbacking behind a third-string line and got smashed repeatedly into the ground, and last but not least the Chargers beat the Cowboys. Big Yee haw! Other than that, pre-season is really boring so far.  I mean, you understand why coaches have to evaluate everyone's play, but here's the big problem: How do you properly evaluate a QB like Tim Tebow when you don't play him behind the first string? He looks third-string (as hopefully he will be, that's what he's auditioning for.  Come on, Chip, Tebow would be a huge asset. Take the leap.)

For those few of you who -- GASP! -- aren't into football, my condolences. My advice -- steal the chips and guacamole and watch Dexter.

No more rants: I just had a thought that a rant isn't always very attractive. The fact that I'm right doesn't change that fact, unfortunately. So I'm going to go play Handel's Messiah on the piano.

Don't forget: THE LOST KEY, paperback, is out August 25th and THE END GAME, the new BRIT in the FBI hardcover, comes out September 15th. Count on having no fingernails left by the time you've finished both of these babies.

Oh, I forgot the label warning: The FBI for 2016 is titled INSIDIOUS. If you're not sure what insidious means, look it up because the book is full of it.

Catherine Coulter