June Newsletter 2015

June Newsletter 2015 Cats

This is my angel face - Peyton

I'm thinking of eating off a salmon head - Eli

Vol. 771 No. 995
Happy Summer Solstice:

Isn't it grand? We're all playing volleyball outside at ten o'clock at night. I love the summer solstice, but the very next day, I swear you can feel it in your bones that the day is shorter.  So enjoy the glorious long days before the 21st. And don't forget your wild and unbridled pagan solstice dance.  Consider not doing it solo.

The Outer Banks, North Carolina (OBX -- and isn't that sexy?):Thirty-five family with more and more kids appearing out of the blue. We even have a rented house called the Baby House because of all the rampant procreation.  Lots of laughter and fun and shopping and the food -- be still my heart. From BBQ ribs  to Pork tenderloin  to a crab feast that had people lying on the floor groaning with pleasure, to the amazing desserts every single night (ten birthdays) -- You get the idea. Bottom line: When you weren't  talking to yourself or family or sleeping, you were eating a meal or snacking from the huge pile of junk food. Bliss.

Thursday night was theme night: this year was Favorite Musicals. Hubby and I performed a medley of South Pacific songs and yes, we wore sailor costumes, and I wore a  blond wig and hubby had sexy sailor tats on his forearms. Amazingly, we didn't make a single mistake. I didn't hear anything while performing, except my own heartbeat. Since we were first, there was lots of  applause and hooting and hollering. Some of the other performances included Annie Get Your Gun, Chicago, Damn Yankees and Jungle Book (My Own Home, beautifully sung by my niece, Carol. Yeah, she's got the voice, nailed it.) Next year, the theme will be Favorite Singers.

On the 30th,  the paperback POWER PLAY will be on the shelves. The 7th of July, it's the new hardcover FBI thriller -- #19 -- NEMESIS.  Isn't that a great title? And guess what -- Sherlock is the Nemesis, not Savich. So gear yourself up for an FBI summer. 

I'm going to ThrillerFest in NYC on July 7th and will be signing at Otto Penzler's  The Mysterious Bookshop on Warren Street in Tribeca, Wednesday, July 8th, at 6:30pm. Yes, there will be wine and edibles to reward you for your long drive into the city. (Don't forget the 200 mile rule, so two glasses.) I look forward to seeing all of you there.