May Newsletter 2015

Catherine Coulter May Newsletter

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Vol. 111 No. 999

Glorious May

Mountains and snowdrifts bigger than your house were dumped on your heads for MONTHS (many of you wrote me on Facebook) and you were trapped indoors for days, maybe even weeks,  had to reread all my books (suck ups), and all you did was whine and I kept telling you, MOVE! Do you think anyone did? Not that I heard.  But now it is glorious May -- and guess what? No more frostbite, no more cabin fever, it's getting warm, the sun is shining for all its worth, the kids are nearly out of school (big yea!), and the smile on your face widens each day.

I'm chewing off fake fingernails waiting for the NFL pre-season and all its barely tolerable performances since they've got to play everybody to see how good they are, but ho hum, it's tedious. Still --TWO AND THREE QUARTERS MONTHS TO GO.

A football sports update: A player for the Indiana Colts in the Big Deflategate Game, was asked if he thought Tom Brady, QB for the Patriots, being suspended four games was the right punishment for deflating footballs. His answer, paraphrased, was something like: 'No, it's ridiculous. What I think about is how they kicked our butts 45-7.'

Plus, in a recent poll, 50% of the people believed the Patriots were guilty of Deflategate. Very nearly 50% also believed every NFL team deflates footballs to their hearts' content. SO, HELLO, MR GODEL.

As you know, or might not know, which severely disappoints me, NEMESIS, the 19th thriller in the FBI series, is out July 7th (of this year).  Here's your glorious May treat: (it's non-fattening) -- Chapter One of NEMESIS at this link:

Enjoy, Catherine Coulter