April Newsletter 2015

Oh my, excellent catnip - Peyton

What catnip? - Eli

April 2015

Happy April:

Are you ready for this?  I've started on the 20th FBI book -- huge gasp and frozen disbelief (no, that was the ice cream brain freeze). Hard to believe The Cove came out in 1996, when I'd just turned sixteen and tried to talk my parents into piercing my nose.  Yeah, that's a big whopper.

But now, we're up to number 20 -- I haven't done a serial (or cereal) killer in a very long time (way back to #2, The Maze, I think). As you know, I always have two plots, usually introducing a couple of new players, and that will be true of SHOWDOWN as well.

Imagine a serial killer who murders actresses in L.A.  And I wonder who would kill an actress? I mean, they're like authors -- creative, entertaining, and imaginative people, right? Perhaps I can think of maybe a few nearly insignificant differences like  they can act and they're beautiful, and they only eat lettuce.

I'm now in the process of selecting the "How", then it'll be the "Why." And this killer will expose himself (we are in Hollywood, remember) to me as I write the book because as you might know, I'm what's called a "pantser" (a writer who writes by the seat of the pants as opposed to a "plotser"  -- that term is, I hope and pray, self-explanatory).

In the meantime, I would appreciate it, as would 40 million other people in my state,  if you would go outside,  doesn't have to be a full moon, dance in a circle and chant to the rain gods to soak up the sun and squeeze out all excess liquid, from the shores to the mountains in California. We're talking serious drought here, folks, so please save us from our two-minute showers.

If you don't like to dance, I know the rain gods also like kites -- you know what to do --