February Newsletter 2015

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Vol. 552 No. 003

Happy Post Valentine's Day:

Hope you got indulged with chocolates and flowers to your eyebrows (all genders) and the consequences to chocolate and flowers were positive, more importantly, wild and fun, maybe a swinging chandelier part of the festivities.

Catherine Coulter - NemesisI finished the edits on NEMESIS and a very unusual thing happened. Every single time I reread one of my books post edit, I'm still so close to it that I have no clue if it sucks or it's actually okay. With NEMESIS, I was turning those pages as fast as I could and saying Wow, give me more, more, more. I'm not lying here, really. Hopefully, this portends good things for you guys. (See photo of NEMESIS cover below.)

Now I'm editing THE END GAME, the 3rd Nicholas Drummond book, (A BRIT in the FBI series). It's hard to believe this is the THIRD thriller, talk about warp-speed time passing. Mike and Nicholas are up to their eyeballs (as opposed to eyebrows above) with incredible mysteries and oodles of bad guys out to lay them low. What's even better? Savich and Sherlock are front and center in all the chaos, helping to solve, not to add to. Hmm, now, what about eyebrows and chandeliers for N&M?

Alas, my trip to Tennessee to see my writer friends, Linda Howard, Iris Johansen and Kay Hooper, (to leave this morning), was cancelled due to pissed-off weather gods slamming the greater part of the U.S. with rain and snow and ice and temperatures to freeze your parts. Huge bummer since it's so hard to get us all together at the same time in the same place -- now it's looking like September. But I wonder, should I worry about early crappy winter weather in Tennessee, do you think? Nah, it'll be Indian summer, gorgeous leaves coloring the mountains, all will be well -- Make it so.