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Vol. 777 No. 113

Happy Super Bowl Sunday:

Prepare for a day of family and comrades with a ton of guacamole/chips, all gathered around the big honker TV, arguing, cheering, groaning, maybe wondering if you should punch out the person who's yelling against your team -- but hey, it's more fun if the group is mixed -- more cursing, more insults, more just plain good times, and maybe a touch of acrimony at the end when the side wins that isn't yours.

So who's been to St Barts (St. Barthe, St. Barthélemy), named for his bro by Christopher Columbus in 1493? If you haven't, let me say right up front "beware the added zeros" -- I mean, picture a cute skimpy little bikini and then take a gander at the price -- now, this is no lie -- this bikini sells for about 1,000 Euros -- which means, since the dollar is very strong at the moment, the price to you is ONLY a hundred bucks more  -- a real deal. Yep, $1,100 for three inches of fabric stitched in China. Now, another great deal -- a little cover up for another thousand and you're in beach business.

Lunch for 4 people? About $250.00. Dinner? How about a GIANT prawn sitting in an "emulsion?" Well, after you have them remove all the outer shell and casing for you, the GIANT prawn comes back as this skinny little thing, and yes, it is surrounded by this puke-colored "emulsion." And the price? $50.00 (for the single GIANT prawn).

Why, you ask? I guess it's a huge status thing to vacation at St Barts (or St. Barthe or St. Barthélemy) although the attraction of spending huge amounts of money for no perceived value escapes me. However, it is a beautiful island, nice people, gorgeous water, if only the owners of the villa we rented would have heated the incredible swimming pool that is otherwise used only to dip in your feet when you're hot. For photos, go to Facebook.com/catherinecoulterbooks to see how beautiful the island is.

As I told you, the novella's all done, now it's EDIT time -- I made lots of changes and adjustments as I wrote it so there are bunches of inconsistencies and confusions that have to be cleaned up. It stars Grayson Sherbrooke for those of you who've indulged in my Sherbrooke series. I'm also tossing around plot ideas for FBI thriller #20.

Are you aware that the days are getting longer at the rate of 30 seconds a day for a few more weeks, then picks up to 2-3 minutes per day until June 21st, the Summer Solstice? Actually, a better question, does anybody care? It all depends on your latitude, and, naturally, your attitude.

Happy Big Bang Guacamole day -- Who are you rooting for? Are we going to fight?