Thanksgiving Newsletter 2014

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I believe you - Peyton

Vol.  111 Number 000

Hi Everyone:

Happy Thanksgiving! This means pumpkin pie with those little leaf doohickies that sit on top of the pie and are crunchy and so good, you end up eating them all off, carefully, of course, then because you feel guilty, you try to smooth down the pumpkin pie top  so it doesn't look disturbed, and then you carry it proudly to the table. I mean, who would know there had been doohickies unless they'd ventured into the kitchen, lifted the tin foil and gazed with admiration at the half dozen little crunchy crust leaves. If no one says anything, you're in the clear.

Home for Thanksgiving this year, and a wonderful thing that is, cooking all the zillion calorie dishes you only eat once a year, then stuffing yourself until your stretch pants are yelling, but then there's football and somehow, come half time, guess what? You're hungry again! And there's still pumpkin pie, minus the doohickies.

All of you have a great Thursday and join me in giving thanks for sharing another delicious Thanksgiving day with those we love and, naturally, with our critters too, who chow down gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, both light and dark meat, but strangely, not the Waldorf salad or the green beans. I don't offer them pumpkin pie.