September Newsletter 2014

She may look my size, but she ain't - Eli

Oh yeah? I could still take you one paw tied behind my back. - Cleo

Vol. 9 Num. 2

Happy Football Season:

If you do not smile at that greeting, well, then, you're wrong and must change your ways -- beginning on Sunday. I am convinced God created Fall for NFL -- so rip open that bag of thick greasy salty corn tortilla chips, smash those avocados, stir in onions and tomatoes, don't forget the smidgeon of hot sauce and climb aboard your sofa and know that what you're doing is God's will.

Exciting news: THE FINAL CUT, paperback, went from #9 to #7 on the New York Times Bestseller list -- thank you all -- But maybe loving the book isn't enough. I have an idea. Feel free to attach a sandwich board, maybe both front and back with something written, like: "BUY THE FINAL CUT or your Karma will henceforth suck big time." Then take a stroll up and down your street, greeting everyone with a smile and a sales pitch, maybe a margarita if they're at all recalcitrant. Works every time. If your area is hilly, then you get a good workout at the same time, so a win/win.

If you've had your ear to the book ground at all, you know THE LOST KEY, the second Nicholas Drummond thriller, is out the 30th. Oh my, is it ever going to curl your toes (and your hair for those of you who are so endowed). Pre-order, post-order, whatever suits you, I will give no directives -- yet.

You might want to join in my football pool at The winner(s)? A free book (You guessed it -- it has to be one of mine).

Happy Fall Equinox -- good bye to summer.