June 2014 Newsletter

June 2014 Newsletter

I've always been noble. - Eli

Even young - Eli

Vol. 883 No. 003

Happy Summer Solstice:

Guess what? It continues to be gorgeous weather here and if one were an idiot, one could yawn and proclaim boredom. Since I'd not normally an idiot, I'm basking. Lovely tan, the cats are gamboling through the marigolds, the Meyer lemons are busting off the trees.

Now, where was I? Oh, I was in the Outer Banks, Duck, North Carolina, the first week of June for the yearly family get-together. Now, imagine 40 people all gathering together for the evening meal in one huge room and of those 40 people 7 are younger than 5. Do the words insanity, chaos, and mayhem come to mind? Well, not really, to be honest here, everyone one of them is really quite cute, even the two year old whose every other word is NO. Where do all these people sleep? We rent three houses: the Dog House for those who bring their critters, the Baby House for who who've procreated, (those who have indulged in both critters and procreation can pick), and the Big House for the sane, centered, drinking adults. Absolutely no drama for the whole week (at least I wasn't a part of the pouring of the hydrogen peroxide down the spaniel's throat so she -- Gwyn -- would vomit up the peach pit, which she did, and there was great cheering and promises of good works and vast relief throughout the Dog House, particularly by Gwyn).  Evening meals are in the Big House followed by a dozen birthdays, celebrated two a night which really stimulates Tuilio's economy since they make all the cakes, and little kiddos run around like loons, high on sugar, and the movie of the year -- Frozen. LET IT GO -- oh my, how about three hundred times? Yes, movie and song. Well, maybe a little mayhem, well, maybe a little screaming delight in the swimming pool.

Bombshell by Catherine CoulterAs for Fred and Wilma, (costume night) we sang the Flintstones song, didn't screw up the words, and my orange Wilma wig was a hit. Yaba daba do!

Since I know you are all waiting with baited breath, the paperback of BOMBSHELL is out the 24th. Next week, can you believe that? And then upcoming on July 8th is the new FBI thriller POWER PLAY -- Now, here's the deal with POWER PLAY: If you pre-order it from Barnes & Noble, when it arrives it will be autographed by me. Isn't that cool?

You wonder what POWER PLAY is about? Think about the Ambassador to the U.K. being in deep caca and in swoops Agents Davis Sullivan, Savich and Sherlock. The Ambassador's daughter is a top pro football writer for the Post  -- she finds out a very cool story about Tebow. (This alone ought to make you want to read the book. I really do hope, like Perry, that Tebow will be the Seabiscuit of the NFL.)