April 2014 Newsletter

Catherine Coulter April 2014 news

I practice great dental hygiene - Cleo

I don't need no dental hygiene - Eli

Vol. 330  No. 110

Gorgeous April:

No more melt-in-your-socks deep snow, no more bone-rattling winds, no more stick-your-tongue-to-the- flagpole ice storms,  no more Valentine's Day zero-calorie chocolates -- nope, all gone and now what?  Flowers and bright sun and stray thoughts of wild and crazy things you wouldn't tell your mother even now -- it's Spring and it's time to be thankful and rejoice the sun doesn't go down until after 8:00 at night and isn't that wonderful? And to top it off chocolate Easter bunnies are at this very moment hopping out of the forest headed for your basket -- we're talking solid chocolate here, not those wimpy hollow bunnies.

I've started writing the 19th FBI for next summer (Yes, 2015) and its working title is Second Sight. Am I into alliteration or what? This summer, it's Power Play. Don't forget PP is out July 8th.

BIG EVENT: I'll be at the Arkansas Literary Festival in Little Rock giving a workshop (Kill 'em Clean) on Friday, April 25th at noon at the main library, Darragh Center. On Saturday, at 1:00 p.m. I'll be speaking and signing my books at the Ron Robinson Theater. There'll be tons of other authors, lots of activities, great for kids -- here's the web site for more info: www.ArkansasLiteraryFestival.org.

Don't forget the 200 mile rule: If you're within two hundred miles of Little Rock, you will ummph yourself and come schmooze with me and ask me smart funny questions. (You'll get a cute present when you buy my book Final Cut and bring it to me to sign.) If you don't come see me, I fear for the solidness of your future chocolate Easter bunnies.

Catherine Coulter