February Newsletter 2014

Yeah, so it's the New Year, what do you want? - Cleo

Sleeping off New Years Day's Feast - Eli

Vol. 773 No. 002

Happy Valentine's Day:

     CHOCOLATES! My very own 2-pound box of CHOCOLATES. What a glorious day, set aside specially to stuff truffles in my mouth without guilt. Add a funny card, maybe a Mexican meal out, and I'm a deliriously happy camper. What could be easier and more satisfying? No male half of the equation has to work too hard to earn big points and, yes, big scrumptious smiles, etc.

    2014 Super Bowl: One reader wrote me that the Broncos looked ready for the glue factory. Fact is, it seemed to me like they played slo-mo compared to the Seahawks and Peyton never quite got his second foot in the stadium.  In my completely honest and up-front opinion, the 49ers would have taken the Seahawks in the Super Bowl. I do think, however, that all the loud protracted celebrations in the North West acted as rain dances and sent all the huge much-needed rain storms down here to the Bay Area, to 49ers country, so I guess I've got to thank you.

    POWER PLAY, 18th FBI thriller,  is now in the publishing pipeline and will be ready to fly into your arms or to your ebook or to your stone tablet or on your MP3 player on the 8th of July. Talk about wild and wooly, we've got the Ambassador to the Court of St. James in peril, we've got a biker chick, we've got Davis Sullivan from BOMBSHELL and remember creepy Blessed from KNOCKOUT? Prepare for fried circuits. Do tell me what you think of the POWER PLAY cover.

    THE LOST KEY, the second BRIT in the FBI, Nicholas Drummond thriller, will parade into NYC on St. Patrick's Day.  Seriously, this is an awesome book, olympic material, evoking the same sort of scary terror as watching gold medalist Sage Kotsenburg sincerely trying to break his neck in the snowboarding slopestyle competition. (No, he wasn't drunk.) THE LOST KEY races along at break-neck speed, we're talking two days here. You might think that's pushing it, what with travel from New York to London, to Scotland, to Paris, but hey, The DaVinci Code took place in 9 hours, so I don't want to hear any skepticism  or see any raised eyebrows from anyone, got that?

    Happy Olympics and best of luck to all the American athletes in Sochi –

   Catherine Coulter