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Yeah, so it's the New Year, what do you want? - Cleo

Sleeping off New Years feast! - Eli

Vol. 1900 No. 3579
Happy New Year:

Yeah, so it's a little late, but get into the rhythm with me -- it's now 2014 and we're all getting used to writing it. Fact is, I always felt uncomfortable writing 2013, like it was a Friday and bad luck was always lurking around the corner, like ladders lying in wait, maybe one of them evil, or a really evil mirror poised to smash down on your head.

So here's 2014 -- maybe a magical year, a year that will bring outrageous surprises never imagined (hopefully most of them lead to happy faces and big whoops of joy). If you have a special something you're hoping to happen, let me know and I'll send Make-It-So dust flying your way. For those of you, however, who are live in constant one hundred feet of falling snow and a minus 40 degrees and a constant bad back from all the shoveling , I know what you're wishing for: Spring.

Now, let me make you hate me. It's glorious here in San Francisco, sunny, in the 60's. However, we do need rain. Wanna make a deal? You do rain dances for me and I'll do anti-snow rants for you.

Just got back from a week in St. Martin doing nothing but eating, lying around, eating, swimming, eating, lying around, shopping, oh yeah, even found a great Mexican restaurant called Jimbo's. St. Martin is about 60% French, 40% Dutch, not that far from Puerto Rico. However, never heard any Dutch spoken, saw no wooden clogs or a single dike, or available thumb, for that matter. I got to speak lots of French (get my muscles oiled up for all those strange sounds, as well as goosing my vocabulary.) What was remarkable, and the first time it's ever happened, I sent off POWER PLAY (18th FBI thriller) on Thursday and left for St. Martin on Friday -- and do you want to hear something sad? Having an empty brain was great for maybe two days then I was wondering, what's next? What's going on? Who's going to step forward? And there was no answer, only a small voice sounding thoroughly disgusted saying over and over Shut up and relax.

If you want to see some photos of St. Martin go to my Facebook page: (www.Facebook.com/catherinecoulterbooks)

Who's rooting for the Broncos? Seattle? I can't wait to see the new Pro Bowl rules in action this Sunday --

2014 -- Going to be a great year --