November Newsletter 2013

November 2013 Newsletter

I don't take crap from nobody nohow - Eli

Purr--feet - Cleo

Vol. 771 No. 550

Happy Thanksgiving:

What do you think if we simply have Hallothanksmas? That way we could put all the decorations up at once and leave them there for three months. Picture my vulture Brett next to Pilgrim family, the Jawarskys, all sitting in the Thanksgiving hay wagon, parked in front of a gorgeous Christmas Tree with owls on it. What a wonderful image! Okay, write your congressperson, let's make this happen. Since new legislation takes time, do not despair. I believe there are 3, count them, 3, football games on Thanksgiving day and evening, maybe even a late show, so hmm, what's not to like here? Gotta think about this some more. You may weigh in while chowing down homemade cranberry sauce.

THE FINAL CUT continues to do well, thank you. YARD OF GRAVES, the second international thriller with Nicholas Drummond and Mike Caine, is in the works and chugging right along. So many ideas and challenges, and, frankly, it's fun. In THE FINAL CUT we were in England Switzerland and France; in YARD OF GRAVES, it's England, Scotland and Germany. Maybe book three will go to Latvia and Argentina.

BOMBSHELL also continues to sell well, again, thank you. I'm currently editing POWER PLAY, the 18th FBI with Savich and Sherlock, out this upcoming July. Talk about wild and crazy and heart-thumping --  Special Agent Davis Sullivan (from Bombshell) saves the life of the Ambassador to the Court of St. James, only to discover the caca is very deep. Add to the mix a gifted psychopath who wants Sherlock dead, and a sportswriter. (What sport? you ask. Take a wild guess --)

If you don't already have this tradition, then you might want to give it a try. At the table, after the blessing and  before the stuffing begins, everyone states what they're most thankful for on this wonderful day. (You might want to have a box of tissue nearby.)
All of you, have a great Thanksgiving family feast and football day and try not to eat so much you sink your Toyota.