October Newsletter 2013

October Newsletter 2013

Say it, I'm irresistible - Eli

A little stretch after my nap - Eli

Happy Halloween:

If you're cold blooded, like moi, then you're not particularly happy about the unacceptable temperatures  in San Francisco. It's now been 6 -- count them -- 6 straight weeks of warm gorgeous weather that's keeping everyone, locals and tourists, in shorts, flip flops and big smiles.  Alas, for the cold blooded among us (who are not addicted to blood except maybe on Halloween), I feel strongly this is meteorological discrimination and thus sucketh greatly. After all, this is San Francisco -- usually the land of lovely cold fog billowing through the Golden Gate throughout the summer. But no, this Indian Summer simply won't go away,  so what's a poor cold blooded, non-vampire to do? If you answer, Stop being an idiot, I will not take it under advisement, so be nice and commiserate even though you're probably smirking.

BIG NEWS: I'll be speaking and signing books Wednesday evening, October 30th, in Las Vegas at the Clark County Library, 1401 E. Flamingo Road at 7:00 p.m. For Las Vegas I'm instituting a 300-mile rule. If you're within 300 miles from where I'll be speaking, then you're obliged to show up or suffer bad cosmic karma. Why 300 miles, you ask, and not the usual 150 miles? Because Las Vegas is surrounded by desert, only iguanas lounging about (and they're not welcome),  so we have to go farther afield to guilt you into coming.  Come in a costume if the spirits of Halloween move you because Las Vegas is used to costumes every single day.  Tell you what, I'll bring a bag of candy for those of you daring enough to strut your Halloween stuff. (I'll come dressed as Catherine Coulter).

So if you live in Las Vegas or you'll happen to be there to be part of the huge Vegas Valley Book Festival, make me one of your stops.
For more info go to www.vegasvalleybookfestival.org to see all the fun events happening and all the wonderful authors who'll be there.

THE FINAL CUT is selling well, so thanks to all of you for buying it. If you haven't emailed me to tell me how much you LOVED the book, do so at ReadMoi@gmail.com.  YARD OF GRAVES, the 2nd international thriller in A BRIT in the FBI series, now has a pulsing heart and guess what, we're going to England, Scotland and Germany in this one.

Many thanks to all 16,000 of you who entered the The Final Cut Sweepstakes. We have winners and one exquisitely happy North Carolinian who won the Grand Prize halo diamond pendant. Congratulations!

Great Halloween to all you wanna-be goblins and bloodsuckers out there. Come see me if you want both tricks and treats.