September Newsletter 2013

September Newsletter 2013

Do you love me best? - Peyton

You like my french manny? - Peyton

Dear Stalwart Readers:

HUGE BIG AMAZING ANNOUNCEMENT: No more anticipating for any of us, it's finally here: THE FINAL CUT, the first international thriller in my A Brit in the FBI series written with J.T. Ellison, comes out Tuesday, September 17th. If you haven't pre-ordered your copy, you may do so now; after you pre-order you need to enter the exciting sweepstakes to win a gorgeous halo diamond pendant (worth $4,800 ). You claim you never win? Think of it like this: someone will win, maybe it'll be your worst enemy or just maybe, it'll be your mother-in-law and there will be eternal peace in the kingdom. See, only good things will happen. To enter, all you have to do is type in  Your fingers are twitching,  so pre-order the book and enter the sweepstakes.

THE FINAL CUTEVENTS: J.T. Ellison and I will be signing THE FINAL CUT in one of my very favorite places in the universe,  COSTCO September 21st in Danville, California (thirty minutes from San Francisco).
Next we'll be signing at Adler's Jewelers in New Orleans (they provided the diamond pendant) on Thursday, September 26th. Don't forget the 150 mile rule (this includes boating in the Gulf). I'll post times and addresses on and on my web site,

Don't forget, even though ebooks are perfectly splendid, let me tell you the cover of THE FINAL CUT is so incredible, it's worth visiting a bookstore, then displaying  it on your coffee table, to show your good taste.

Have a blast with THE FINAL CUT, the new football season, and be ready for the heavens to split open, trumpets to blare, and a multitude of angels to deliver your diamond pendant and lay it ceremoniously atop your hardcover book, on your coffee table, for everyone to admire, including your mother-in-law.

Catherine Coulter