August Newsletter 2013

Mama really likes her country western music loud - Cleo

I love my catfish - Cleo

Vol. 007 No. 009

Last month to have crazy vacation fun with your family. School will be starting soon (and all you parents are doubtless very thrilled about this, counting down the days, excited to buy supplies at Target.) About this last fun gasp, though, I recommend you don't go to Paris since for the entire month of August, the French escape the city to go who knows where for their own holiday.
(They probably go to the south of France because everyone in Cannes or Nice are perpetually on vacation.)

I'd like to thank all of you for buying BOMB SHELL and BACKFIRE, many of you emailing or Facebooking me to let me know how much you liked the books. Both are doing superbly on the bestseller lists, no bribes necessary. If you haven't yet partaken, then do it now. It's the honorable thing to do.

Pre-Season football is here again, and this Friday the 49ers play the KC Chiefs -- Alex Smith in his new home against Colin Kaepernick. He replaced Smith at QB and has so much talent you're in awe watching him. Now, about the pre-season. Here's how to deal: You've got to think of the pre-season games as teasers, foreplay, seeing a semi-bare butt -- but alas, that's it. After the first quarter, the snooze sets in. But it's something, and who doesn't like foreplay?

Don't forget: Next month THE FINAL CUT (out September 17th) will be my second gigantic, awesomely splendiferous hardcover, first time in my writing history that I'll have two hardcovers come out in a Single Year -- and this is all because I wrote it with the  phantasmagoric J.T. Ellison, who, if she ever stops writing, could beat Tiger at golf. Wait till you see the cover in person -- it's sort of like looking through a prism -- different lights, colors from every angle. The art director, Rich Hasselberger, I'm thinking, thought of this holographic magic while in the shower.

Go have fun!