July Newsletter, 2013

Catherine Coulter July Newsletter 2013

You woke me up for what?? - Eli

She loves you yah, yah, yah! - Eli

Vol. 550 No. 991

Happy Middle of the Summer: (or winter if you're in Fiji or Peru)


BackfireThanks to all of you, BACKFIRE, paperback, is #6 its third week on the New York Times bestseller list, about the same ranking on other lists as well. Big yea!
BOMBSHELL: Wow, are you ready for this? #5 on the NYT Hardcover Fiction List, #2 on the Ebook list, #2 on the Combined ebook/hardcover List.
AND THE BIGGIE: #2 on USA TODAY (this is super because USA Today uses actual sales, and this includes every single book, fiction, non-fiction, paperback, even cookbooks, out this week.) So thank YOU -- now, if you've got recalcitrant friends, enemies, pets, neighbors, co-workers, it's time for you to begin an active campaign. Start with discreet little whispers in their ears -- Bombshell, Bombshell -- repeat as Bombshellnecessary. If you need to be more forceful, maybe you could wear a sandwich board, the BOMBSHELL cover on both the front and back.  Whatcha think?

ThrillerFest in NYC went swimmingly (nicely said, don't you think, since it's the middle of summer?). Spent a lot of time with J.T. Ellison (don't forget, THE FINAL CUT out September 17th), ate way too much excellent food with my publisher, my agent, and assorted friends. Big bummer-- I didn't get to actually meet Anne Rice who was the ThrillerFest Grand Master this year. I have admired her for a very long time, have enjoyed all her books, particularly the Mayfair Witches.

Thrillerfest is the best place in the universe to meet your favorite mystery/thriller authors (e.g., Lee Childs, Michael Palmer, Michael Connelly, John Sandford, Sandra Brown, Douglas Preston, Lisa Gardiner, John Lescroart, J.T. Ellison, Steve Berry, Phillip Margolin, Linda Fairstein, Allison Leotta, Heather Graham, and many more, plus new upcoming thriller/mystery writers. BUT most importantly: ME. There were approximately 900 fans attending this year. Consider NYC as a destination next summer with Thrillerfest a part of it.

All of you, continue your marvelous summer and buck up -- Football season starts in 3 WEEKS --