June Newsletter 2013

Catherine Coulter June Newsletter 2013

You can't see me - Peyton

I want a butterfly on my nose - Peyton

Vol. 007 No. 711
Hi Everyone:

Believe it, it's the fricking middle of the sixth month which makes it smack in the middle of the year and nearly the middle of the decade. Phew.

June 2nd - 9th: The Outer Banks, North Caroline (Duck, to be specific) included  38 large and six small, both large and small were well behaved, happy, always hungry, always fed incredibly well, a different family cooking every night, ranging from Brit Yorkshire pudding to Thanksgiving turkey and dressing, to BBQ pork ribs, pulled pork and chicken,  to good old fashioned dogs and burgers to -- well, well, my brain just froze through visualization gluttony.

  A great week, two days of rain, one thanks to Andrea that pizzled soon after deluging the Outer Banks, namely, our house. Ah, now it's on to next year –

Talk about time out-of-control: I've got three thrillers coming out in two months. First, on the 24th is the paperback BACKFIRE, 16th FBI. (Do you know, I happened to pick it up, not really paying attention, and read a couple of pages and thought, wow, is this good or what!  I am not lying.)

On the 9th of July BOMBSHELL, the 17th FBI, makes its hardcover debut dressed in incredible finery. I guarantee it's going to knock your socks off. I am not lying.

Now, are you ready? BADA BOOM. The third thriller is out on September 17th. THE FINAL CUT is the first international thriller in my new series A BRIT in the FBI, written with incredible brain J.T. Ellison.  Savich and Sherlock are front and center working with my new English James Bond-esque character, Nicholas Drummond, from New Scotland Yard.

Here's a really cool thing you can do: pre-order all three (or parts thereof), either online or at your local bookstore. When you pre-order, it helps shoot the book high onto the bestseller food chain.

GREAT NEWS: Tim Tebow is now a Patriot. If he's got a real shot as a QB in the NFL, it's the Patriot organization that can give it to him. Bill Belichick is smart. Am I right or am I right?

Happy Summer Solstice -- the night for which the hot tub was created.