April Newsletter 2013

Catherine Coulter April Newsletter 2013

Come on Cleo, play with me. - Eli

Eli sleeps and I stand guard. - Peyton

Vol. 555 No. 000

Happy Post Tax Day:

 THE FINAL CUT, the first thriller in my new A BRIT in the FBI series, is -- ta da -- completely and utterly and for sure finished and into the publisher. Talk about a great book, and maybe even a great movie -- The hardcover, ebook, audio, hieroglyphic, Sanskrit, maybe even sky-written pub date is September 17th, so mark your calendars and take your pick.

At the end of BOMBSHELL, the 18th FBI, out July 9th, (if you're a sincerely good person, you'll pre-order now) I'm introducing the new series and giving you some chapters to wet your whistle and whet your imagination. (If it nothing gets wetted/whetted, then it's your fault.)

My web site is nearly finished being spit-shined and polished, clarified like butter, made so reader-friendly you'll wonder if you've stumbled down Alice's rabbit hole filled with gloriousness and marvels (not comic book) and endless joy. To add to your oohing and aahing, I'll be putting up "teaser" chapters for both BOMBSHELL and THE FINAL CUT.

Here's your out-of-left-field question: What do you guys think about Wes Welker playing for Peyton and the Broncos? You think it's a homer?

Happy beginning of spring to all of you. If you're currently enduring 23" inches of snow, I strongly suggest you consider moving (like the Clampetts -- pile up the truck and head for warmer climes).

Catherine Coulter