March 2013 Newsletter

I don't put up with no crap - Eli

Just a little nap or too - Eli

Vol 2 Num. 443

Happy March:

Not quite the Ides of March yet, which of course, was created by Caesar to remind every Roman to get ready  to render their taxes unto him by April 15th, or else. Isn't it odd how some things never change?

HUGE NEWS: THE FINAL CUT is finished! (a round of enthusiastic applause would be nice) Remember, THE FINAL CUT is the first thriller in my new series A Brit in the FBI, written with Oz, the Great and Powerful (that's J.T. Ellison). Three months prior to the publication of THE FINAL CUT, I'll start attaching a chapter from the book to the newsletter so you can begin basking in this remarkable, mind-boggling story. Let me say this about the hero, Nicholas Drummond: Think James Bond (Daniel Craig) with a sense of humor and a peer of the realm, in waiting.

Hope you get the March photos of Eli the Magnificent. If your server doesn't sent through the photos, you can see them on my web site or on Facebook. ( Also you can see the photo of the gorgeous BOMBSHELL cover.

MORE BIG NEWS: On the Thursday evening, 14th, at 7:00 pm I'll be speaking the Congregational Church in Ft. Myers (No, no sermon). Then on Saturday, the 16th, I'll be at the Ft. Myers Reading Festival, speaking at 2:30pm and signing books. You know the rules -- if you're within 200 miles, I expect you to show, no excuses. For more information about these events go to my Facebook page or my web site.

Everyone go forth and start your chants for spring to get here, now. And be ready to welcome in St. Patty with his green little friends who all drink green beer. (Who's had green beer?)

And don't forget Caesar.